They offer a free diving introduction, called Try Scuba, which is absolutely great for introducing and getting you into to something thats complicated, expensive and difficult to get into. I had intentions of getting certified here but the owner Rusty put me off. He has a pushy personality and will twist your arm to sign up for classes. After not too long it becomes apparent he is very arrogant and easily riled, and based on how he treats the staff I would not return.

Mariel Ramirez

Great service, tons of equipment and experience.

Roland Caballero

Received my dive cert here 7 years ago and now am back to take a refresher while my dad gets his cert. Great company, even greater people.

Chelsea DiGerolamo

I’ve been a regular customer at two different dive centers, one in Laguna Beach and one in Hollywood. I got PADI trained at one and Naui trained at another. When I found Scuba Schools of America and switched over to their SSI training program, I realized I didn’t know jack about being a competent diver. The other dive centers I’ve been to do not have the attention to skill development this place does. They don’t even come close to having the same number of diving/traveling opportunities. I wish I’d found this place first. It would’ve saved me a lot of time, money and I would’ve learned quite a bit more by now. Don’t get me wrong, the other dive centers were nice, but nice doesn’t help you be a competent diver.

David Choi

I got scuba certified through the Scuba Schools of America – their program is very comprehensive and covers all of the essential skills to feel confident and competent underwater. I was grateful for the opportunity to practice at their facility in my own time and for their supportive instructors. I really enjoyed going on their beach and boat dives to places like the Point Loma kelp beds!

Corinne Tsai

SSA is an awesome dive shop! All the staff really know their stuff and the Claremont diving deals are pretty sweet. The open water class was rigorous enough that I really feel confident diving in the future.

Russell Bingham

SSA is an awesome dive shop! All the staff really know their stuff and the Claremont diving deals are pretty sweet. The open water class was rigorous enough that I really feel confident diving in the future.

Russell Bingham

Rusty is a nice guy, always very generous and takes good care of his customers and looks out for their safety. After buying some gear he actually mailed me a thank you card, first time that has ever happened! I had been to a different shop first and was wayyy overcharged for an absolutely awful day trip/shore dive and the other shop lied to me numerous times about pretty much every single thing I asked. That type of stuff hasn’t happened with SSA and as a result I have signed up for their instructor program because I had a much better feeling about the place and the owner vs. the other local shop I had tried. The gear may seem expensive but I look at it as an investment in my own personal happiness and there are great interest free payment options through Synchrony that made it possible for me to order a drysuit, pretty much the only shop I’ve seen in my life that offers very convenient financing options to get people into the best equipment possible without your bank account taking a significant beating. Also as far as scheduling goes, Rusty has been very flexible and helpful and lets me come by whenever we are both free for a class which has been a huge help since I am a student working full time with a girlfriend which in most cases makes it hard to adhere to a completely set in stone schedule, but in contrast, Rusty makes it much easier and less stressful. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking to get certified or buy gear due to the good nature of the owner and other people working and the super convenient financing etc. Also there are lots of group oriented events each month from the Taco Tuesdays meetups to their cookouts and holiday parties etc that just bridge the gap between divers in the local community and help make new friends and meet other divers.

gabe izzo

Always the best service over my 55 years of snorkeling and 50 years diving with seriously safe people to dive with. The best win win situation you could ask for. Never a bad dive, never a bad day or night dive with SSA. I wish I could say this for other dive groups.

Gregory Sorensen
My daughter and I just became open water certified. I cannot express the gratitude we both have for Rusty and his team. The passion and drive to constantly provide safe teaching and pool time. This shop is over 40 miles from our home and for a short period became a 2nd home for us. From the moment we walked in and every time since we have been welcomed warmly by staff and other customers. We are so pleased to have met Rusty and his team. It feels like a family, we have a great dive foundation to build on. We have learned to become comfortable in the pool and open water, understand the level and scope of our training and are excited to now start building on this. Rusty Thank you for being the person you are, having the constant passion and drive to provide quality and safe instruction We are so pleased we connected with you and your team On behalf of Ashley and me Roman.

Roman Chruszcz
SSA is a very friendly welcome diving environment. I started taking classes with SSA last summer, it was about 6 weeks of coming in every Saturday for classroom and then getting in the water to practice what we had just learned. All the instructors were super helpful and nice. If you have a question they’ll do their very best to answer it, and when your ready to dive into the ocean you can choose between a one or two day boat and then go get certified. They have Club Aquarius which no other dive shop has, it’s a night where a bunch of divers gather together and have a potluck sort of hang out. I’ve had the best experience at this shop and it’s overall amazing, also if you need to learn how to swim there’s swim classes too!!

Caralynn Powell

This shop has great employees. A lot of great gear. Helpful and knowledgeable. Good instructors. Great club. Come in and say hey to Ronnie, Brad or Jon. They can help you down your path to becoming a scuba diver.

Kelly McCumiskey

I came in last June to begin my Scuba training , and it’s been a fantastic , I’m so happy with the instructors that I’ve been working with that I’ve decided to become an instructor myself .

Jon lopez
Scuba Schools of America (SSA) is one of those of amazing places that require a visit to fully appreciate. The facility has the latest technology in SCUBA and has ongoing classes and boat dives scheduled throughout the week to ensure students and the more serious adventurers are continuously exposed to improving their game and having fun. The staff provides one-on-one attention whether you are a beginner or someone slowly moving up the ranks of experience (as myself). The facility is extremely clean and has a pool that is always open to divers that have gone through the SSA training to hone their skills or pursue advanced training. I’ve been enjoying my relationship with the friendly staff and the many divers and non-divers at the club for years. When I find myself unable to dive for several months, I often drive to the shop on a Saturday early afternoon, mingle with the staff and the divers/students, throw on some gear and jump in the pool; and then afterwards relax in the lounge and poolside where there is often food and drink spread about. I am very impressed with SSA, and as a business owner I can truly say that the owner’s (Rusty and Niki) have built and manage an amazing operation, where they cater to the customer and give back to their community.

Brian Underhill
I became a certified diver today, and I can not thank you enough Rusty for your guidance and patience during our diving trip. I hope to have many more experiences like this one in the near future!
Aida Vargas

As a follow up to the post below. I continue to dive with an amazing and diverse group of people all associated with SSA montclair. My love for the sport continues to grow. I have furthered my diving education through SSA with classes on safe air, night diving etc. I have begun taking pictures of the beauty around me when I dive so I can share with all of my non-diving friends. I continue to enjoy the great community of people who have learned and continue to dive through this business. I have met a lot of people who have learned to dive, got certified and subsequently dropped. Because they have no people to dive with they don’t dive. This does not happen at SSA. As a side note I have seen recent reviews regarding respect for wildlife and this Business. I have been counseled over and over about the importance of respecting and preserving the underwater environment in my time here. To be fair I am not a hunter, I do not take hunting or spear fishing classes. I can however say without a doubt, in the standard diver training awareness of the oceanic environment is taught and respect for the same is an expected code of conduct. I have waited 6 months to form my opinion and write this review. When I first arrived for the discover scuba classes I didn’t know what to expect. Everything was foreign to me from the gear to the terms. I had read some reviews that concerned me, but I thought I would proceed and formulate my own opinion. I am glad I did! After committing to the classes with my two sons ages 15 and 11 we purchased the basic gear required. Snorkel, mouth guards, fins, etc. I noted that scuba gear wasn’t the cheapest, but after much research I found all the gear recommended to me was both rated by people within the community as quality, and the cost was inline with everywhere else I researched. The staff was always very energetic and the lessons were great. In the middle of the training my eldest son decided he was too busy with high school and his extracurricular’s to continue. The staff at SSA fully refunded his tuition with no hassle even though his departure was his decision and of no fault of theirs. The people at SSA Montclair were a class act. After a period of time we passed our courses and we were ready to get on a boat, jump in the drink and give it a go. After doing a few drills in the ocean with our instructor Rusty we were ready for our first dive. As a father I was less nervous about myself than my 11 year old son. I will never forget going under on scuba and watching Rusty quite literally hold my sons hand while swimming underwater and guiding him around. Showing him bat rays, fish and a host of other sea life. The look of astonishment and joy on my sons face when we surfaced was something i will remember for a lifetime. The care Rusty took with my son was remarkable. This is a moment my son and I will always cherish and SSA Montclair made it possible. My son did not finish his certification that trip. He could not clear his ears on subsequent dive attempts. Because of the training he received he recognized this and did not force the dive and possibly injure himself. For the past six months SSA Montclair has made their pool and equipment available to my son and I to help him reach his goal of certification. They have never asked me for a penny for this service. I did certify that trip and have 11 incredible Dives so far. This experience has proven to me that the gear I was told to purchase was quality, reliable and has made diving so enjoyable. Another part of SSA Montclair that stands out is they make a very real attempt to include you in the community of diving. Pot lucks, social clubs, parties and events. All geared to include you in a community of people who enjoy diving. After six months of experience I am confident to say that If your are looking to learn to Dive alone or in a group. Adults or with your children this is in my opinion a top notch establishment.

Seth Blum

I’ve been using this particular Scuba Schools of America (SSA) dive store in Montclair since the early 80’s when I got re-certified by the owner, Rusty Berry. I have to say that the staff has always been friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, competent and upbeat. In 1969 I got certified with NAUI. Having been trained by two different schools of thought on the common goals of SCUBA diving I would have to say that this particular SSA store has the better instructors and instruction. Over the years my impressions of this dive store and its staff have not changed. When my son showed interest in SCUBA diving and the opportunity to get certified here at SSA became available I had no reservations and jumped at the chance. I would recommend this dive store to anyone who was interested in becoming a certified SCUBA diver.

David Day

No complaints the people are nice and friendly and on time and ready to go.

Dan bish

Getting started in Scuba was quite exciting for me but I was unsure of what certification to get. Was it going to be PADI or SSA? I was really confused with the differences pros vs. cons they sounded the same from the description. I GLADLY chose SSA and quickly learned and saw that PADI would have not be a bad choice to some, but SSA was geared to making your experience comfortable, more knowledgable, confident and the most enjoyable experience on land and underwater. The way that SSA teaches their students quite thuro, they know and have practiced for weeks before they hit the open water. The way that the programs is setup, there is a good deal of life support equipment to purchase if you have a love for diving. But if you plan to dive regularly you need a good outfit that your can count-on when at depths. The team at SSA is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and will take you to whatever Diving level you want to achieve. My experience with Rusty, Nikki, and Helen has been nothing but grand. As I see myself growing as a diver, learning and continuing my underwater education through them for years to come.

Adam Nelson

I just completed their open water dive certification class. Was BLOWN AWAY by the service, experience, and total package. The pool classes were held at the shop in their 84+ degree pool :) I had the best instructors, which made classes really easy to understand, and diving fun. I got all my personal dive equipment from here. it was a bit expensive, but definitely worth it in the end. They have custom made gear, that fits you perfectly, and the best thing they teach you how to clean and use it properly. I would recommend this store without hesitation to anyone interested in learning to scuba dive. you gotta get wet at Scuba Schools of America in Montclair, CA

Quincy Gordon

I got my certification and have been on several dives with the crew and other divers from this shop and I have no complaints. There have been several accounts where Rusty and the other staff have actually been quite accommodating for me in the shop and on dive boats. Extremely friendly and welcoming environment. I feel as if I am a friend and not simply a customer.

Aaron Hall